Like Shadows Covered By The Mist

It stung him.
Like the bees that had once crawled through
his fingertips.
They hadn’t been afraid of
his nails.

He thought about
Maybe a thousand times in
2 seconds,
and still it made him shiver
like glass in an earthquake.

It broke his neurons and
tore apart his lobes.
He still couldn’t manage
to process that kind of information.

He made an effort
to stop the message that
his brain was transmitting
to his lacrimal glands,
it wasn’t worth
the effort.

They went down
as if gravity was
grabbing and
pulling them towards
the sick covered floor.

His lungs stopped functioning
for maybe half a second.
His heart accelerated
it’s dead-slow beat
to a level he did not know.

He started to
the good times
-the past-
and it startled him
to realize that they
had become nothing more
than confusive blurs.

Like shadows covered
by the


~ por conjeturassinergicas en septiembre 30, 2008.


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